God is Either All or God is None?

by Byron on January 4, 2015


I wrote this awhile ago, intending to share it with you guys.  I kept thinking it was supposed to be something I’d expand on for you guys.  But I just want to share it as is…

God is either all or God is none.  Many people try so hard to change the world – change what already has come to pass.  Often these are the same people who harp so hard on God or Christ or Allah.  But the world and these things people try so hard to change have already come to pass.  Don’t they believe God is all?  I mean, God is all, and things came to pass.  Doesn’t that mean God made these things come to pass?  Don’t people believe their God is all? 

If so, do they diminish their God so much as to believe their God cannot overcome the evils of the world, these things that need so badly to be changed?

The truth is, boys, most people are simple.  The human mind, though complex in the animal world, is simple in the spiritual world.  The only thing you can really know is connection and love.  The only thing you can really understand is that you understand almost nothing.

I love you guys.  I want the best for you so very much.



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