Business Idea #155 – Blogging Out of the Ether

by Byron on August 9, 2012

The Problem:

It is difficult for a blog to make it out of obscurity.  There is no one single thing that brings a blog into the light.

The Business

A blog or site that brings one blog out of obscurity every day or every week.  It could also be a column on an existing blog that brings one blog out of obscurity on a regular schedule.


The is really more a feature or idea for someone who is already a success than it is a business in and of itself.  After all, how do you start a tastemaker business without an audience yourself.

My Thoughts

I call it blogging into the ether.  You’re talking, and no one is really listening.  You may have a splattering of traffic, but nothing to write home about.  Nothing even to write a press release about.

I’ve blogged into the ether and blogged to an audience.  The audience is more enjoyable.

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