Business Idea #114 – Consulting on Small-Scale Energy Production and Trading

by Byron on June 12, 2012

The Problem:

As ultra-smart solar and other power production technologies come into play, individuals will become power producers, not just consumers.  But not enough people understand … the evolving marketplace and associated opportunities.

The Business

Consulting related to the production and trading of small-scale, self-produced energy.


It will require a great deal of know how, and I’m not exactly sure how it monetizes, but 20 years from now, people who became experts in this area will be wealthy.

My Thoughts

Energy production, energy capture, energy transfer, energy valuation are all complex and need to be mastered.  I just read about the negawatt from a Technology Review article. It got me thinking on this concept.

This is, perhaps, less a business and more something to study in school.  Make your own major in small-scale energy production and trading.


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