Business Idea #189 – A tool that allows you to make a book from the web

by Byron on September 28, 2012

The Problem:

Sometimes I want to make a book from a series of web pages.  I’d like to browse my way through the web to a book.

The Business

A piece of software that allows you to make a book of the web.  Either a digital book, a physical book, or both.


Can’t be easy software.

My Thoughts

It’s been such a long day.  In fact, I actually missed having the post up by midnight.  I was in meetings all day and was simply unable to get the post up.  Here it is 2:30am and my workday has just concluded.  Therefore, this post is a little weak.  That said, it’s a great idea.  Think it through – don’t auto-dismiss it.

Imagine for one second you were trying to teach your kid something.  You have a little browser extension that allows you to insert a page into a book with one click.  You put in all relevant pages you think are good about dinosaurs.  You rearrange and delete at the end.  Bam, there’s a book.  Your kid reads “your book.”  Your kid now knows about dinosaurs.

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