Business Idea #180 – Application for Putting Lawyer Public Filings Online Immediately

by Byron on September 14, 2012

The Problem:

Many lawyers have a difficult time marketing their practices.  Many more have trouble marketing their practices online.  Content is vital, but what is the strategy?

The Business

An application that allows lawyers to upload their public court filings the moment those filings are received by the court.  The allows the lawyer’s website to be the first to have the documents.

The application can have built in press release features and built in search submit features.  It can also have various display options.  It can come with an rss feed and email sign-up.


Not particularly difficult.  In essence, it’s a piece of blogging functionality for lawyer websites that don’t have the capability.

My Thoughts

The moment a lawsuit is filed it becomes (in almost all circumstances) public.  The lawyer is the first one with the content.  Why not take capitalize on the small advantage?

In high profile cases, this could have a tremendous amount of value.  In standard cases, there is a long-tail search advantage.



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