Business Idea #169 – A Wearable Camera that Takes Pictures of Your Surroundings at All Times

by Byron on August 29, 2012

The Problem:

We’re not recording enough.  Sometimes you would like to know where you have been or what you have seen, but there’s no record of it.

The Business

Wearable camera that takes pictures without you asking it to.  They get sent to the cloud where they can be managed, reviewed, discarded, watched as a slide show, searched by time, etc.


The software architecture of the thing is complicated.  The hardware (lapel pin cameras) that integrate with the software is probably no piece of cake either.  This idea is doable, but risk/reward is exceedingly high.  I don’t know if the mass market would like and adopt this idea.

My Thoughts

I know only that it would be something I’d engage with all of the time.  Anything that surrounds my existence or observes my existence fascinates me.  Imagine being able to review your day in images.  I would love this.

Photo credit to ArtFire.

Ps.  We now take as many pictures in two minutes as were taken in the entire 1800’s.  via Mashable

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