Playing with My Boys

by Byron on September 7, 2014


When Deck was young, he was fussy.  The inability to get your baby to stop crying is a tough, tough feeling.  Sometimes I’d put Decker in his bouncy seat and have a dance party.  I’d dance and Decker would stare.  If you don’t know by now, I’m not a great dancer.  But I would dance and get a little release and Decker would smile.  And we were both happy.

Now Decker is calm and sweet and helpful and Gibson is happy as a clam.  Smiles for days.

Two nights ago was the first night I had you guys by myself.  (Mom went back to work a week ago.) I was scared.  How would I manage to take care of both of you guys?  What would Deck do when I was putting Gibson down to sleep??  I was nervous.

It was the best night I’ve had in a long time.  You guys were awesome.  We wrestled and played and went in the ball put in the basement – all three of us.  It was great.  We watched Mickey.  We drank our bottles.  We had a dance party.  We missed mommy, but we called her.

There was nowhere else I’d rather have been!

I love you guys,


She Wasn’t Really There

by Byron on September 4, 2014


Last week, we sent a video via text message to Emily, one of your favorite babysitters.  “Emmy!  Emmy!” you call her.  She sent you a video back.  She said, “Hi Decker!  I miss you.  I’ll see you soon.”

You watched it about 100 times.  You said, “Emmy! Emmy!” a bunch of times.  She wasn’t really there.  You were not able to talk to her and have her talk back to you.  You didn’t get it at first, but you eventually did.  You wanted to see her and look at her and react to her and have her react back to you.  You learn a lot from body language and presence.  A lot!

But this isn’t about the trite, common refrain of “Technology is killing personal interaction…it’s making us more distant…less human.”  That’s not the point.  Your message to Emily probably made her feel great.  Her message back to you made you feel really good, judging by you watching it 100 times.  That’s great.  Technology is wonderful.

But she wasn’t really there.  Watching you while you were wrestling with the difference in your mind was a little bit heartbreaking.  Eventually you understood she was never going to say “Decker!” in response to “Emmy! Emmy!”

You say “Daddy?!?” and “Mommy?!?” all the time.  I always say, “Deckie!” back to you.  “I’m here.  I’m really here.” is what I’m saying.  I hope I’ll be here for a long long time.  But wherever I am, know that being there with you and your brother was the best for me.

I love you,



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