Latest with Gibson, and Super Sweet Decker

by Byron on March 18, 2018


I need to remember two things…

When you are making a point, and you want to point, you use your middle finger instead of your pointer finger.  Basically, each day, more than once, you shake your middle finger at us while making usually very astute points.  (The middle finger is turned sideways, just like as if it was the pointer.)  I love it!

You also have been been speaking your own language recently.  We call it Gibanese.  Decker and Dad do it too, but not so much that we had a language named after us!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention something that absolutely warmed my heart today.  I was frustrated after breakfast.  We had breakfast with Great-Grandma, Grandma, and Grandpa.  I was sad because I realize how age takes a toll on people.  In my sadness and frustration, when you and Gibson were talking about going to Target to get new toys, I said, “Is that all you care about, new toys?”  Then I had to go to work.

When I came home for dinner, you said to me, “You know what I need more than toys?  I need my Mommy and Daddy.”  It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard to date.

Mom told me that earlier in the day you asked her, “Are some Mommy’s mean?”  Mom answered you, “I guess some Mommy’s are mean; they may not want to be mean, but…”  You cut Mommy off and said, “You aren’t mean.  You are terrific.”

When Mom told me that story at dinner, you said to me, “You are terrific.”

What a day!

Love you guys,


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Things to Remember February 2018

by Byron on February 17, 2018


Here’s some things to remember that have been happening lately…

Gibson got accepted to McDonogh yesterday!  Class of 2032 here we come!

Mr. Issac Poag: the Greenetree Gatehouse guard, Mr. Issac has become a focus of your guy’s delight.  You always ask to go “in through the in gate,” which means go in the guests’ side, which is monitored by Issac.  He says to you guys, “Hey Young Fella!  How ya doin?  Ahhhh”  You guys love it.  You imitate him often.  Gibson says to him, “Hey Young Fella!” which makes Mr. Issac laugh.

Kalahari: When I asked you guys what you wanted to remember forever, Decker, you told me not forget to mention Kalahari, even though we went there in November.  You said it’s “always in my brain.”

Mooshu:  McDonogh k/pre-k got a pet mini pig named Mooshu.  Deck, I think you are a little timid with the pig, just like you are with dogs.  But I think you’re warming up to both.  Even though we have Carlin, it’s been kind of a long road with you and dogs.

Wake-Up Shorts: Gibby, you often want to wear regular shorts to bed.  You ask, “Can I wear wake-up shorts to bed?”




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