Gibson – You’re Three Years Old!!

by Byron on June 11, 2017


You were three years old one week ago.  You had a big party with all your friends from Bryn Mawr Little School and elsewhere.  It was awesome!  You are so loved by so many people.  I think it’s because you are so kind and so unafraid of the world and of people.

I love you!!








You Made My Day

by Byron on May 21, 2017

Hey Decker,

It’s Sunday night and I’m thinking back on my last few days, on this past week.  I was so stressed out about work in the last two days.  I spent most of the weekend in the office, except for dinnertime to bedtime.

Last night I came home to eat dinner with you guys.  We went outside to swing the baseball bat.  I was so frustrated and feeling out of control with life and work.  But after a few minutes of batting practice, with your giant smile going the whole time, I was good.  You made awesome contact a handful of times, even hitting a couple clear into the street.  Gibby was there too, working on his swing!

This past week, you gave me a good laugh.  I got a call from one of your favorite teachers, Ms. Sarah from your afternoon room.  You and her were having a disagreement about something on the playground and you were getting increasingly frustrated.  Finally, you said to her, “Ms. Sarah, I’m going to say a bad word to you! …  … Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

I felt bad for you as Mrs. Sarah explained what happened next.  Ms. Sarah took you to see Ms. Megan, the principal.  You were so upset, crying hysterically and trying to talk your way out of going to the principal.  It was your first trip to the principal’s office.  You will probably have some more.  Hopefully less than I did.

We talked about not saying bad words.  They can hurt other people’s feelings, because other people may not be able to hear those words yet.  I wish you didn’t know them as a four-year old, but there are worse problems in the world.

I love you!




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