What is Dying?

by Byron on October 20, 2017


You asked me about dying today.  You’ve asked me about it a few times recently.  You know that Mandy’s aunt was buried, and you thought that she died because she got dirt in her mouth when was buried.  I explained that “No, she was already dead when they put her in a box and the put the box in the ground.”  Then you asked “Well, then how could she die?”

I said sometimes your body has growths in the wrong place that cause you to die.  You asked if it was like boo-boos.  I said it was, kind of on the inside.

You asked if it was like clouds and flying.  You explained that you saw a picture at great-grandpa’s funeral, which is why you knew.  But you said that Great-Grandpa’s funeral was a long, long, long time ago.  (It was 5 months ago.)  But you said Aunt Rae’s was a short time ago.  (Her unveiling was this past weekend.)

Then you said that you weren’t going to die for like a hundred years.  And I said right.  Then you said you had already lived part of those hundred years.  And I said right.  And then I counted to 50 to show you how many years you have.  And I said that we were only half way there.  But the light turned green.  You got the gist – if you get 100, you get a lot of years.  Wow do I hope you do!!

Then, you said the nicest thing to me that anyone’s ever said.  You said, “And you’re not going to die for a long, long time, either, right?”  I said right.  I hope that’s true too!!

There’s a couple important things to remember: tomorrow is never promised; love like you know that; the greatest joy I’ve ever had is being your and Gibson’s Dad.

I love you!!



October 2017

by Byron on October 8, 2017


What’s been happening lately?

Deck- you are about six weeks into McDonogh.  You seem to be loving it.  You are testing your muscle with Mom and I all the time.  It takes a great deal of patience to deal with you sometimes.  It’s okay, because I, for one, love to see that assertive, fighting spirit.  Especially because you have a great heart.  You are kind and thoughtful and notice a lot of the world around you.  This includes people and their feelings.  As long as the empathy and compassion remains, you can assert yourself with me all the time!

Gib- you are so talkative and friendly.  You have been asserting yourself more too.  You are learning how to do it in a nice way.  Sometimes it’s a bit of a problem, but overall, it’s all good.  You are learning to make your way in the world and figuring out how to be a friend, a son, a student, and a brother.  A little brother.  It’s not always easy, but you are doing a great job.  You also remain quite the fun loving character.

It’s a true pleasure to be around both of you the vast majority of the time!  And when it isn’t, we’re all learning, which is cool too.

My favorite things lately:

  • Often, when talking to me, Gibson, you end your sentence with, “Right, Daddy?”  You say things like, “It’s cold outside; right, Daddy?”  or “Today’s a home day, right Daddy?”  (a weekend) or, after showing me some crazy leap you do off your bed or some other object, “That was cool move, right Daddy?”
  • Decker, you’ve asked me if we can go to the Orioles game a number of times, even though the last home game was a few weeks ago.  When I tell you that the Orioles won’t play again until the spring, you say, “Oh, because it’s Ravens games now.”
  • Decker, last time we went rock climbing, I told you that you could keep going as many times as you wanted, as long as you climbed all the way to the top.  You climbed to the top about six times.
  • Gibson, you ask all the time when you get to go to McDonogh.  I tell you after we go to the beach.

We’re going to the beach for all of August next year.  We are very, very fortunate.

I love you guys!



Grodey Manoody

September 10, 2017

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Summer Always Moves Fast

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Creating vs. Finding Happiness

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New Developments

July 16, 2017

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Aunt Heather and Uncle Andrew Got Married!

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Gibson – You’re Three Years Old!!

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You Made My Day

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Cats in the Cradle

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