Grodey Manoody

by Byron on September 10, 2017


Right now, when things in our house, they aren’t just gross, they are “grodey manooooooody.”  I think Gibby coined the term a month or so ago.  I’m not sure how long it will stay around, but, right now, you can’t help but smile when you hear it said.




Summer Always Moves Fast

by Byron on August 27, 2017


We got back from our annual trip to the beach yesterday.  You guys had tons of fun.  Everyone did.  All of your cousins were there.  Grandma and Grandpa and Mimi and PopPop and all of your Aunts and Uncles!  Aunt Michelle is going to have a baby girl soon!  Ellie will be a big sister.

Gibson, you love watching out for police cars and ambulances, which you pronounce salice cars and amb-lances.  You guys are both starting to love baseball and the Orioles.  You ask to play Orioles, where you take turns hitting with a little padded Orioles bat.  Decker, you like to be Adam Jones and, Gibson, you like to be Manny Machado or Chris Davis.  Decker, you call him Annie Machado.  Gibson, you love listening to Hand Clap or Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac, which you call the bam-bam-ba-bam-bam song.

You guys both were more adventurous in the water this year – both the pool and the ocean.  Gibson, you, in particular, kept wanting to go further and further out into the waves with me holding you.  We never got wiped out fortunately, but you both got knocked over a time or two.  We gotta respect that ocean!  In the pool, you were both going under the water by the end of the trip.  Gibson, you couldn’t get enough.  I predict by this time next year you will both be swimming without help.

Decker, you start McDonogh in two days.  You got your bus buddy in the mail and Tuesday morning you go on the bus.

This was the first year that the end of the beach trip felt like back to school time.  It was the first year that it felt like out with the old and in with the new year year.  I’m sure it’s because you are starting real school, Deck.

At the Rehoboth boardwalk this year there is a “ride” that is essentially a ropes course.  Gibson, you were a beast.  You kept wanting to go again and again.  But part of the only reason you could do it was because on all the spots you needed a boost up, Decker boosted you.  It was such a proud moment for Mom and I – watching Decker be the big brother.  I was so proud of both of you.

It occurred to me that this was your big summer adventure and each summer in the future is likely to have one.  This summer its big waves and ropes courses that you do together.  Next summer it might be swimming or learning to catch a football while moving.  In the future it might be your first travel baseball team or first sleepaway camp or first kiss.  Each time you will come back to school with stories and memories.  Each time you will come back to school ready to experience what that school year has to offer.  This is the first.  Mom and I are so grateful to be part of the annual cycle, no matter how fast summer goes.




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