School’s Out for Summer!!

by Byron on June 20, 2021


If I wasn’t so busy living life with you guys, I’d probably write more!  But hanging out, playing sports (football, baseball, tennis), going to the beach, doing baseball and football cards with you guys is too fun.  And then, of course, is the time I need to spend making money to keep this party rolling!

But I have been wanting to write for awhile now.

You guys finished second grade and pre-first.  It was a great end to the year, save for Gibson needing to work on his kindness when frustrated.  You guys both played flag football; Decker also played baseball, Gibson couldn’t because of schedule conflict.  You’re also still taking tennis lessons with Coach Terrance.  You’re both very good at tennis.

Decker- you were great at baseball.  You pitched, you played first base, you hit awesome.  You really worked at it.  It was your first year of real competitive baseball.  You made the all-star team, and even pitched in the all-star game.  Your team won the championship!  You made an incredible catch that was crucial to your team winning.  I almost missed the catch because I was watching from the sidelines and I heard Gibson singing, “I have a buttcrack, you have a buttcrack, everybody has a buttcrack.”  I turned around to say, “No sir!”  When I turned back around, you were making the catch and everyone was screaming!!  You got an enormous trophy which you took to the beach with us a week ago.  You didn’t just take it to the beach, you held it the whole way down.  We’ve got pics!

Gibby- you had your 7th birthday party the same place Decker had his 8th … the field next to the tennis courts in Greenetree.  Covid is still here, but waning, thankfully.  But an outdoor party was still best.  This despite the Brood X (john) cicadas that were flying all over the place.  (Fortunately, they were almost gone by the time we got back from the beach earlier today.) Your party was all the dudes from your pre-first class – Cole, Winston, Jaden, Holden, Tomiwa, Wesley, Mason (our neighbor), and Andrew.  Your best bud Simon was away for his own b-day.  It was super sunny and hot, which was perfect for a party of waterguns, hoses, water balloons, sprinkler, and buckets.

We left for the beach a few days later.  We played tennis, and Gibson’s version of tennis baseball, every single day for the last week.  It was a blast.  Aunt Heather and crew came down, as did Aunt Hillary and crew, and Mimi and PopPop.  You guys are becoming more independent all the time.  You and Mom wrote me some great fathers day cards that you gave me this morning.  I was very happy.

I love you guys!


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Gibson, You’re Awesome!

by Byron on April 19, 2021


This letter is just to you.  I think you are such a special person.  I love watching you interact with the world and get excited by the world.  You are smart and kind and you find the world really interesting.  Being curious is so important.  Life is more about the questions you pose than the answers you have.

You are still my little guy.  You talk to me in a high voice sometimes.  I say “Hi, Gib” or “Goodnight Gibson.”  You respond in a high little voice, “Hi Daddy” or “Good night, Daddy.”  You are sweet as syrup!  You are getting older and bigger and it won’t last too much longer.  I’m trying to savor every second.

You are calling yourself “Little Byron” because you hear others call you that.  Last night, you told me that if you are going to be Little Byron you really need a cell phone.  Then you said that maybe that can wait until you are Medium Byron.  We both laughed.  We spent yesterday in DC with Moses and Cleo.  You really like hanging out with Cleo.  She was smiling at you and dancing in her standing thing.

You are a special guy.  You and Decker are both super smart and sensitive.  Decker is more on the cerebral side, you more on the emotional, at least for right now.  Let your life evolve as it’s supposed to.  You don’t need to change or conform.  Be you.  Feel the highs and the lows.  Know that you will be alright.  Know that a new day is always right around the corner.  Let life in, it’s all going to work out.


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