by Byron on December 10, 2017


I don’t think I’ve memorialized on this blog that you get nosebleeds.  You get them about once per week.  More in the dryer season, like now.  You’ve been to a pediatric ENT about it.  They say you’re totally fine and there’s nothing to do about it, save cauterize the small vessels in your nose.  That seems like overkill.  At this point, you barely get concerned.  You simply say, “Mommy/Daddy, I have a bloody.”  A few weeks ago, you got a bloody nose that you and your brother handled on your own!

You and Decker are really tight.  You refer to him as “my bru-tah” even when talking to Mom or I.  You guys are in the one year where you apart – with Deck at McDonogh and Gib at Bryn Mawr.  Next year, we assume you guys will be back together at McD.

You have trouble with some pronounciacions.  You add “S’s” to the beginnings of various words.  You call a computer a “Sapu-tah.”  I will miss it terribly when it’s gone.  But it will probably fade so slow I’ll barely notice.  Life is like that!

You assert yourself more and more all the time.  Lately, Decker is the calmer one.  A true change from when you guys were a little younger.  I think it’s a little harder to be three than it is to be five.

I love you Gib!!



On Dying and Death from a 5-Year Old

by Byron on December 4, 2017

You’re barely more than a month past your fifth birthday.  This past week you declared that:

“Mommy, you’re not real.”

“Why?” Mom or I asked.

“Because you’re going to die.  So if you’re going to die, you’re not real.”

I asked you if the fact that you’re going to die makes you more real or less real.  I said more real, but it’s a decision we all have to make for ourselves.

Then, yesterday we talked about death again.  I said that it’s possible that you never die.  I said 1.) with the crazy advancements happening in science daily, you might actually never die; 2.) your consciousness might be able to be uploaded into the universe; 3.) maybe, even though we don’t have this body anymore, maybe you don’t actually die, maybe your consciousness morphs and or goes somewhere else that other humans can’t access.  So ultimately, maybe you never die.

You said to me- I knew that without you telling me.  I didn’t have to ask that, I just knew that. I just knew that you didn’t die.

I think kids are way better/smarter/more in touch with the universe.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you already knew that to be true and, in fact, it is true.  I trust your cosmic intuition more than I do my own.

Love you and your brother more than you know!



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